About Rare Stones

We would like to introduce our company to you; our company has been established since 1988 in Hong Kong. We provide Precious, Semi-Precious stones, and also Fresh Water Pearls. We specialize in Sapphire, Ruby, Tourmaline and Rubylite (Faceted & Cabochon) Beads & Drops,

Aquamarine,            Pink Amethyst,
Rubylite,            Green Amethyst,
Blue Topaz,            Lemon Topaz,
Citrine,            Smokey Topaz,
Kunzite,            Peridot,
Morganite,            Pink Tourmalines,
Amethyst,            Pink Topaz,
Garnet,             Rose Quartz

We carry Cut, Cabochon and Beads, big size single stones from 4 carats and up in Semi-Precious stones.

Precious stones:

  • Ruby (from Burma, Thailand)
  • Sapphire (from Ceylon & Kanchanapuri)
  • Emeralds (from Columbus & Zambia)
  • Fancy Sapphire

For Precious Stones we have all sizes in the Diamond cut and normal cuts (in rounds), Calibrated goods, Cabochons and Carved Stones in various price range

If you have any requirements of the above mentioned goods, please contact us by phone, fax or email.  

Thank You.